Friday, November 18, 2011

How To Fight Depression

Quite often, patients ask me how to fight depression. A natural chemical imbalance in the brain causes depression which many people suffer from.  Fighting depression can be a long process, although there are many ways to fight depression.  There are natural ways to fight depression, and they are also medications. In some cases, the chemical imbalance is caused by an imbalance in the body, which can be corrected with appropriate diet of foods that fight depression and anxiety. Green leafy vegetables are some of the foods that fight depression. When you're eating meat and dairy products that can have a fundamental effect on your body's balance. Eating healthy and avoiding meat, dairy coffee, chocolate and alcohol can really make a big difference when fighting depression. If you're experiencing extreme depression or anxiety you may need medications or changing your diet completely. I suggest going on an all green leafy vegetables diet which will boost your energy levels and feel your body with vitality. Obviously, changing your diet so radically is not easy to do, but the effect and benefits would be tremendous.

Depression causes are varied. In most people, the inability to control what we think and how we think and basically the thoughts that go through our heads cause us to suffer and develop depression, and anxiety. This is both normal and insane. The definition of chronic depression is depression which is present for more than 2 weeks. If you want to know more about how to fight depression please continue to read.

Depression signs or the effects of depression

If you've been depressed for a while, you probably noticed the effects of depression, lack of sleep, inability to perform simple tasks, bad mood, feeling of worthlessness are just some of the symptoms.

Anti depression drugs

Drugs are definitely an effective way of dealing with depression.  In most cases drugs provide immediate relief of depression and anxiety. Although in most cases further treatment may be required because if the patient is suffering from clinical depression than once medication are discontinued the symptoms may come back.

Depression in men vs. depression in women

Research suggests that women are more prone to depression than men. Although researches disagree on the causes and speculate on the severity of depression in women.

How to fight depression naturally or how to fight depression without medication

To fight depression without medication we recommend physical exercise, meditation, yoga, eating healthy and socializing. Having supporting people around you can help greatly. Avoiding toxic and negative people can make a huge difference. But if you're unable to eliminate some of those factors you may need to use medications.

The best way to fight depression is probably a combination of medication to start with, just to help you in the beginning until the physical exercise, meditation, yoga, good healthy diet and socializing will take effect. Getting over depression can take time, but with the help of your doctor, medication and natural treatments you can stop your suffering within a few days.